It makes sense that a future-driven education musT promote strong links between technology and the ability to create.


The Gifted School is currently the #1 leader in fine arts education which will, in fact, lead our students to the forefront of technology and innovation for future opportunities. The student iPad will be used as an educational tool for a more improved classroom learning experience that is parallel to The Gifted School’s developed (b)smART© curriculum and teaching techniques.


The Gifted School has tailored our (b)smART© curriculum by using technology as an aid for enhanced learning. This will provide additional tools and resources necessary for a broad spectrum of learners.

The Gifted School continues to offer valuable opportunities for students to engage with different ways of constructing knowledge as they explore multiple perspectives, learn to rely on their creative and critical thinking, leverage divergent thinking, and harness interpretive abilities.

Learn it FIRST, Learn it HERE at The Gifted School

First in its class, The Gifted School has designed and developed a learning platform in which students are presented with an innovative learning curriculum, starting at age 5.

Technology is a Learning METHOD in The Gifted School's (b)smART curriculum©

At The Gifted School, all ages and classrooms utilize interactive technology including projection systems, Apple TVs, iPads, and digital tools for design technologies.


Technology Support

IT support is available to assist on-campus and online students with use and maintenance of technology resources. Our Educational Technology Program supports ongoing technology integration across the curriculum, as well as drive our digital citizenship, graphic design, computer science, and information literacy programs. 


Students Learn ART & Design at The Gifted School, starting at age 5


The Gifted School is at the forefront of technology and innovation and is renowned as a leading-class innovator in art education.


With innovative teaching comes innovative learning

Through this interactive learning experience, The Gifted School is advancing our students in a way that further develops their abilities in more ways than ever. Thank you for partnering with The Gifted School as your child prepares to advance into the world of technology and innovation through a valuable education. The Gifted School is furthermore dedicated to providing each student with the highest quality learning experience that is paramount to the product of their future.