The Gifted School Culinary Art Students Evaluate Coca-Cola's New Orange Vanilla Beverage


(March 14, 2019) - Have you heard? Have you seen? Orange Vanilla is the first flavor innovation Coca-Cola has released in over a decade; consumers are buzzing for this new flavor offering all over the U.S. As early pioneers of taste, The Gifted School culinary art students were given the task to “Rate the Taste” of Coca-Cola’s new Orange Vanilla flavored soda that recently hit the shelves for consumers. Students were asked to perform a “New Product Evaluation” by using all senses to accurately rate and evaluate Coca-Cola’s new product offering.

Aside from the student-based focus groups, The Gifted School culinary art students performed the higher task of working hands-on with the creamy vanilla-citrus beverage as a main ingredient for an independent food challenge. Students added this commercial product to their flavor portfolio and discovered that the flavored beverage paired well with notes of cinnamon, salt and brown sugar.

Research & Development Studies is an integrated component in The Gifted School’s culinary art course for students to further examine and break down the origin of flavors, science of foodpairing, and even consumer marketing strategies.

The Gifted School is the only professional school for youth in the nation that is integrating culinary knowledge with the early-on learning of academics in geometry, botany, design, chemistry, mathematical application and developing entrepreneurial skills as a professional leader.

In relation to this article, Chef Renée taught students to achieve the following in accordance with The Gifted School’s (b)smART© curriculum.