The Gifted School Culinary Art Students Embark on Design Opportunity

(February 20, 2019) - Have you ever imagined that design would reach the hands of young culinary students? In this week’s teaching, The Gifted School’s Intermediate Culinary Art Students worked compelling design elements into chocolate sculptures and pastry art through line precision, manual dexterity and mathematical techniques. 

At The Gifted School: Christian Preparatory School of Academic Arts, students are fully engaging in hands-on design curriculum and techniques that are providing first-hand experience that will cater to their extended education and future.

First-time learners adhered to instruction taught by The Gifted School’s Culinary Art Educator, Chef Renée, and completed their first hand-drawn design template from scratch to be used as a foundational tool, aiding in student growth, progression and achievement.

The Gifted School is the only professional school for youth in the nation that is integrating culinary knowledge with the early-on learning of academics in geometry, botany, design, chemistry, mathematical application and developing entrepreneurial skills as a professional leader.

In relation to this article, Chef Renée taught students to achieve the following in accordance with The Gifted School’s (b)smART© curriculum:

  • Biblical Teaching and Life Application

  • Geometric Drawing & Design

  • Degree/Angle Measurement

  • Radian Measure for Constructing a Circle

  • Mathematical Equations/Algebra Applications with Angles

  • Symmetrical Balance and Proportion

  • Precision of Chocolatier Skill & Techniques

  • Introduction into Entrepreneurship & Business

  • Template Design

  • The Value of Fine Art Application and Performance