Nine-year old Gifted School Student Learns to Cook Ratatouille in Trimester Studies


Ratatouille (rah/tah/too/ee)

(January 24, 2019) - French cuisine teaching is at the fingertips of students at The Gifted School: Christian Preparatory School of Academic Arts where youth across South Mississippi have the exciting opportunity to study the Art of French Cuisine from The Gifted School’s Culinary Art Educator, Chef Renée.

The Gifted School student, Amelia Hopkins, 9, learned how to make the trophy winner of classic French dishes, Ratatouille, during The Gifted School’s Trimester Educational Performance.

Over The Gifted School’s Trimester Studies, Chef Renée taught students to achieve the following in accordance with The Gifted School’s (b)smART curriculum©:

  • The Cooking Process of Blanching

  • Application of Proper Cutting Techniques (Chopping, Slicing)

  • The Cooking Method of Sautéing

  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment Operations

  • Culinary Math: Learn and apply mathematical equations, exploration of standard units of measure

  • Botany 101: Value of Cooking with Fresh-grown Herbs from Student Gardens

  • The “Art of Plating” through Design & Technology

  • The Final Execution of Cuisine Presentation and Delivery of Professional Service

  • How to Achieve Valuable Works

  • The Service of Prayer and Discipleship

Hopkins, attends Bayou View Elementary while studying in Academic Arts Courses in Culinary Art and Biblical Studies at The Gifted School.

For more information on how to enroll your children at The Gifted School, contact Admissions at 228-861-7755.