An Online Arts Education Parents Can Trust


The Gifted School is the nation’s #1 trusted online art school for ages 10-17 that provides students with a positive genre of art that builds confidence and character in each individual student. Weekly Bible classes are included in all online academic plans.

TGS Online Academic Overview:

  • Entrusted Art Educators - Trust the Educator Behind the Screen

  • Secured Weekly Teachings

  • Weekly Progressive Stages of Student Growth

  • Weekly Feedback/Interaction Provided by TGS Educator

  • Student Tech Support

  • Safe, Monitored Engagement Between Student and Online Educator

  • Convenient Parental Access - Educator + Parent + Child = Safe Online Success

  • Secured Student Access to Work Independently

  • Flexible Schedule


The Gifted School ONLINE is now active with students joining semester visual art classes from across the United States through this developed elearning platform.  Online art students will have interactions with our on-campus educators through teaching segment engagement and assignments.  For more information, contact Admissions at 228-861-7755.