Culinary Art Studies


The Gifted School: Christian Preparatory School of Academic Arts is a specialty school for Grades K-12 offering year-round culinary art classes for youth in the state of Mississippi. This state-of-the-art program is academically one of the only culinary offerings for youth in both the preliminary and secondary educational sectors. Through its non-competitive, team-building learning environment, students gain confidence and receive a valuable education that is Christ-driven.

Students engage early on with hands-on culinary techniques and innovative practices that challenge, advance and skillfully direct their gift through working one-on-one under the direction of Executive Chef & Owner, Chef Renée, of Renée's Fine Dessert Restaurant & Coffee Bar of Gulfport, Mississippi.

All culinary performances and dish executions were produced by students who began at beginners level and trained under the direction of Chef Renée.